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February 28, 2009


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Pinky LaRue

Dear Tech Writer,

I guarantee nothing,
except that my smile is as winning as a fresh mango smoothie, and that my fee would be paid by the seller.

You have not known solitude until you have spent a day in any number of South Florida real estate offices lately. I picked up my phone the other day and a tumbleweed blew out.
The bright sunshine taunts those who are down on their luck.

Pinky LaRue

Tech Writer

Ms. LaRue,

I prefer the wind off the sea, sleet biting the scrub lands of the north, and the solitude of hard places. Not for me the sunny southlands and easy life splashing around in swimming pools and lazing on groomed lawns.

On the other hand, yoursis a beautiful property. Can you guarantee no neighbors for miles around?

Pinky LaRue

Dear Technical Writer,

Perhaps you would rethink and, in the spirit of recovery,
"Buy American!"

I have found an alternative in South Florida:
5 acres, 3 houses, and an operational organic nursery with offices and outbuildings, including 6 garage bays. They claim to have thousands of orchids on the property, as well as thousands more native and exotic plants.


Not a Scottish castle, but with the savings in maintenance and repair, you could set the air conditioning as low as you like, and, with a vigorous tropical storm lashing the palms, you might think you're in the middle of a winter gale.

Instead of the Highland cattle trampling your estate, you will rescue a small manatee, or sea cow as they are called in Fla, and transform your swimming pool into a make-shift loch.

They paid $724,000 in December 2000, so I am sure that the asking price of $989,500 is negotiable.

I would be delighted to represent you in the transactions, am fully licensed, and can provide references upon request.
Pinky LaRue, Realtor Extraordinaire

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